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7th Annual Conference on Co-Occurring Disorders (COD)


Adolescent COD with Special Considerations for Youth Involved in the Juvenile Justice System
Thomas E. Freese, Ph.D.
April 1, 2009

High Risk Sex Behavior and Meth Use in the GLBT Community: Drug-Sex Fusion and Methamphetamine Abuse Treatment Implications
Thomas Freese, Ph.D., Sherry Larkins, Ph.D., Cathy Reback, Ph.D., Steven Shoptaw, Ph.D., and
Josh Riley, M.S.
March 31, 2009

6th Annual Conference on Co-Occurring Disorders (COD)


A Trauma-Informed Children's Intervention
Norma Finkelstein, Ph.D. and Lisa Russell, Ph.D.
One Person, One Team, One Plan for Recovery
February 2008

"I Don't Need Help:  Managing the Chaos of the Adult Child"
Monica L. Weil, Psy.D., Suzanne Holland, RN, MN, and Nancy Carter
February 2008

Practical Applications:  Management of PTSD and Substance Abuse:  Recovery is Possible
(Adobe PDF file)
Nancy Tamburo-Trevino and Paula Bjelajac
February 2008

Boundaries Not to Cross:  Strategies for Boundary Setting in COD Supervision
Carol Falender, Ph.D.
February 2008

Men and Trauma:  Paths to Recovery
Roger D. Fallot, Ph.D.
Community Connections
February 2008

Designing PEI Models Through the Trauma Lens
John Sheehe, LCSW (LA County DMH), Vivian B. Brown, Ph.D. (PROTOTYPES), Lisa Russell, Ph.D. (ETR Associates)
February 2008

Gambling Problems with Older Adults with COD
Patrick Arbore, Ed.D.
Institute on Aging
February 2008

Trauma-Informed Services:  A Protocol for Change
Roger D. Fallout, Ph.D.
Community Connections
February 2008

"It Takes Working Together" - A Study of LA County Collaborations and Partnerships in COD Treatment
Peter Mendel, Ph.D. (RAND), Susan Stockdale, Ph.D. (UCLA), Jim Gilmore, MBA (BHS Inc.)
The Health Care for Communities Partnership Initiative
February 2008

How the ASAM Criteria Help Integrate Services for Co-Occurring Disorders and Promote Recovery (MS Word doc - Handout)
David Mee-Lee, PH.D.
February 2008

MIA:STEP Toolkit Overview
Jeanne L. Obert, MFT, MSM
Matrix Institute on Addictions
February 2008

Treating Ex-Offenders:  Barriers to Treatment
Tom Granucci, LCSW and Peter Getoff, LCSW
US District Court; California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
February 2008

PTSD Assessment and Treatment of Children and Adolescents
Alan M. Steinberg, Ph.D.
National Center for Child Traumatic Stress, UCLA
February 2008

Introducing the COJAC Screener:  A Short Screening Instrument for COD and Trauma
Vivian Brown, Ph.D. (PROTOTYPES), Ken Bachrach, Ph.D. (Tarzana Treatment Center), Lisa Melchior, Ph.D. (The Measurement Group)
February 2008

Measuring the Recovery Process:  The Milestones of Recovery Scale (MORS)
Dave Pilon, Ph.D.
Mental Health America of Los Angeles
February 2008

Party and Play: The Drug-Sex Fusion and Methamphetamine Abuse Treatment Implications
Thomas Freese, Ph.D., Sherry Larkins, Ph.D., Peter Theodore, Ph.D.
February 2008

Breaking Down Barriers: Providing Integrated Care for Individuals with Severe Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders
Ken Bachrach, Ph.D., Debbie Innes-Gomberg, Ph.D., Monica Wells, Psy.D., Martin Hernandez, MSW
February 2008

Trauma-Informed Practices for Treating Co-Occurring Disorders (Plenary Panel)
Norma Finkelstein, Ph.D. (Institute for Health and Recoery), Roger Fallot, Ph.D. (Community Connections), Lisa Russell, Ph.D. (ETR Associates), Vivian B. Brown, Ph.D. (PROTOTYPES), Gloria Gonzales (Family Ties)
February 2008

Supportive Housing as a Foundation for Recovery:  Homelessness, Co-Occurring Disorders, and Housing
Laura Gillis, RN, MS
Homelessness Resource Center
February 2008

Implementing a COD Program in the Rio Hondo Clinic
Jeff Johnson, MSW
February 2008

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