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Name of Project: National Evaluation Data Services II

Principal Investigator: Mary-Lynn Brecht, Ph. D.

Funding Agency: Center for Substance Abuse Treatment through Caliber Associates

Funding Period: September 2000-November 2003

Scope of Project: This project, with funding from the Center for Substance Use Treatment (CSAT), will provide CSAT with mechanisms to capitalize on prior, current, and planned data-generating activities and data-driven knowledgegenerating activities. The project will develop a data collection and secondary analysis strategy for CSAT, identify and catalog existing and emerging sources of treatment services and client data, develop processes and tools to identify and organize current data-supported knowledge about substance abuse treatment, and perform secondary analyses using these data to address issues of treatment need, demand availability, access, utilization, efficacy, effectiveness, and efficiency. ISAP provides research services to achieve these objectives through subcontract with Caliber Associates.

For more information, contact Mary-Lynn Brecht.

Last updated - 09/29/2003

Last reviewed - 08/4/03

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