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Daniel L. Dickerson, D.O., M.P.H.

Daniel Dickerson, D.O., M.P.H., Inupiaq, is an addiction psychiatrist and Assistant Research Psychiatrist at UCLA, Integrated Substance Abuse Programs (ISAP). He also provides psychiatric and substance abuse services at United American Indian Involvement (UAII) in Los Angeles. His research focuses on substance abuse and HIV among American Indians/Alaska Natives and on the development of culturally relevant substance abuse treatments for American Indians/Alaska Natives. He is a Co-Principal Investigator on an R-01 National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded grant, “Motivational Interviewing and Culture for Urban Native American Youth (MICUNAY),” an alcohol and drug prevention research project for urban Native American youth. He is also the Principal Investigator on an R-21 NIH-funded research grant, “Drum-Assisted Recovery Therapy for Native Americans (DARTNA),” a substance abuse treatment program utilizing drumming for Native Americans. He was the Principal Investigator on “Strengthening the Circle, an HIV prevention program for urban Native Americans. This study was funded through a sub award from an R25 NIMH-funded program, the Indigenous HIV/AID Research Training (IHART) program, at the University of Washington.

Education and Training

  • Berry College, Mt. Berry, Georgia, B.S., Biochemistry, 1997
  • Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona, D.O., 2001
  • Loma Linda University Medical Center, Loma Linda, General Psychiatry Residency, 2001-2005
  • Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, 2005-2007, Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship
  • A.T. Still University, Kirksville, Missouri, 2008, Master of Public Health


  • Evaluation of substance use characteristics in American Indian/Alaska Native populations
  • The role of culture on substance use behaviors
  • Development of substance abuse treatments for American Indians/Alaska Natives

Contact Info

UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs
11075 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(562) 277-0310

Selected Publications

Jernigan VBB, Peercy M, Branam D, Saunkeah B, Wharton D, Winkleby M, Lowe J, Salvatore A, Dickerson D, Belcourt A, D’Amico E, Patten CA, Parker M, Duran B, Harris R, and Buchwald, D.  Canoe journeys and biobanking: Tribal sovereignty central to National Institutes of Health initiative that challenges stereotypes and seeks health equity for Native Americans. American Journal of Public Health. In Press.

Dickerson DL, Venner K, Duran B. Clinical Trials and American Indians/Alaska Natives with Substance Use Disorders: Identifying Potential Strategies for a New Cultural-Based Intervention. Journal of Public Mental Health; 2014; 13(4):175-178.

Dickerson DL, Venner K, Annon J, Duran B. Drum-Assisted Recovery Therapy for Native Americans (DARTNA): Results from a Pretest and Focus Groups. American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research; 2014; 21(1):35-58.

Mooney LJ, Cooper C, London E, Chudzynski J, Dolezal B, Dickerson D, Brecht ML, Penante J, Rawson RA. Exercise for methamphetamine dependence: Rationale, design, and methodology.Contemp Clin Trials. 2013 Nov 28. doi:pii: S1551-7144(13)00192-4. 10.1016/j.cct.2013.11.010. [Epub ahead of print]

Spear SE, Crevecoeur-MacPhail D, Denering L, Dickerson D, Brecht M-L. Determinants of Successful Treatment Outcomes among a Sample of Urban American Indians/Alaska Natives: The Role of Social Determinants. Journal of Behavior Health Services & Research. J Beahv Health Serv Res; 2013: Epub ahead of print

Dickerson DL, Fisher, DG, Reynolds GL, Baig S, Napper LE, Anglin MD.  Substance Use Patterns among High-Risk American Indians/Alaska Natives in Los Angeles County. American Journal on Addictions; 2012; 21:445-52.

Dickerson, D.L., Robichaud, F., Teruya, C., Nagaran, K., Hser, Y-I. Utilizing drumming for American Indians/Alaska Natives with substance use disorders. American Journal on Drug and Alcohol Abuse. 2012; 38:505-510.

Dickerson DL, Johnson CL, Castro C, Naswood E, Leon JMP. CommUNITY Voices: Integrating traditional healing services for urban American Indians/Alaska Natives in Los Angeles County. Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. Learning Collaborative Summary Report. February, 2012.

Dickerson DL, Johnson CL. Development of a culturally-appropriate treatment program for urban American Indian/Alaska Native youths with psychiatric and substance use disorders: Incorporating Community Feedback. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs 2011 43(4).

Dickerson DL. American Indians/Alaska Natives. Book Chapter. Lowinson and Ruiz’s Substance Abuse: A comprehensive Textbook, 5th Edition. 2011.

Dickerson DL, Spear S; Marinelli-Casey P, Rawson R, Li L, Hser Y. American Indians/Alaska Natives and Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes: Positive Signs and Continuing Challenges. Journal of Addictive Diseases 2011 Jan:30(1):63-74.

Dickerson DL, Johnson CL. Mental health and substance abuse characteristics among a clinical sample of urban American Indian/Alaska Native youths in a large metropolitan area: a descriptive study. Community Mental Health Journal 2012; 48(1):56-62.

Dickerson DL, Leeman RF, Mazure CM, O’Malley SS: Inclusion of women and minorities in clinical trials of FDA-approved pharmacotherapy for smoking cessation. Am J Addict. 2009; 18(1):21-8

Dickerson DL, O’Malley S, Canive J, Thuras P, Westermeyer J: Nicotine Dependence and comorbid psychiatric and substance use disorders in a sample of American Indian Veterans, Journal, Drug and Alcohol Dependence 2009; 99(1-3):169-75

Westermeyer J, Dickerson DL. (2008) The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Substance Abuse Treatment, Fourth Edition. Chapter: Minorities.

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