Addiction Health Services Research Conference
The Substance Abuse Services Ecology
October 25-26, 2005
Santa Monica, California
Co-hosted by UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs and RAND


AHRI 1228 - Day 1
Caldar Presentation
AHRI 1228 - Day 2
Recognizing and Treating Alcohol Problems in Primary Care
Characteristics of Primary Alcohol Users With and Without Secondary Drug Use
October 26, 2005
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder:
State of the Evidence Review Regarding Prevention
October 26, 2005
AHRI 1224 - Day 1
NIH Roadmap:
Links from Basic to Services Research
Data & Safety Monitoring of Clinical Trials in Intervention and Drug Abuse Services Research
Development of a Conceptual Model and
Assessment of the Feasibility of the
National Clinical Research Associates
From "High Tech" to "Hight Touch"
Partnering with Community to Produce Change
Is it Cost-Effective to Pay People to Stop
Using Illicit Drugs?
AHSR 1224 - Day 1 (Breakout)
Getting to Outcomes Demonstration:
Building Capacity for High Quality Prevention
Witness for Wellness:
Community Participatory Partnership Research to Reduce Depression Burden in Communities of Color
Methamphetamine: Brain and Behavior-Research Findings
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
February 2005
The Network for the Improvement of Addiction Treatment: Initial Findings and Future Directions
AHSR 1224 - Day 2
Breakout 8: HIV/AIDS Treatment Adherence, Health Outcomes and Cost Study
Costs of Care for People Living with Combined HIV/AIDS, Chronic Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Disorders
What Makes Treatment Work:  Findings of a Candid Discussion with Consumers and Providers
Enhancing NIDA's Health Services Research
Section D:  Addiction and Other Factors Associated with HIV Medication Adherence: Results of Univariate Analyses
From the Lab to the Lens
Encouraging the Art of Making a Difference
Section E:
Inside the Black Box of Integrated Care: Intensity and Mix of Clinical and Coordination Services
Treatment Cost Analysis Tool
Future Directions in HSR:
NIAAA Perspective
The Effect of Alternative Staff Time Data Collection Methods on Methadone Treatment Service Costs
A National Estimate of Costs of Drug and Alcohol Treatment:  The ADSS Cost Study
AHSR 1226 - Day 1
Economics of Private Insurance for Substance Abuse Treatment
The Medical Benefits of Moderate Drinking Revisited:  Alcohol Use and Self-Reported Health Status
Economics of Private Insurance for Substance Abuse Treatment
Medicaid Coverage and Access to Publicly Funded Opiate Treatment:
Oregon's Experience
SAMHSA National Expenditures on Mental Health Services and Substance Abuse Treatment, 1991 - 2001
Cost-Effectiveness of Telephone Counseling and Relapse Prevention for Cocaine or Alcohol Dependent Clients
AHSR 1226 - Day 2
The Medical Benefits of Moderate Drinking Revisited:  Alcohol Use and Self-Reported Health Status
Alcohol Consumption and Body Weight
Another Look at the Relationship Between Alcohol Treatment and Health Care Utilization

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