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AHSR 2015: Abstract Submission Guidelines

AHSR 2015 is accepting abstract submissions in areas of research related to the overall conference theme of “Navigating a Changing Healthcare Landscape.”  Submissions are encouraged (but not required) to address the following topics:

  • Innovations in Addiction Health Services Delivery
  • Equity and Disparities in Addiction Treatment Services
  • Methodologies:  From Qualitative Research to Big Data

Abstracts may be submitted for the following types of presentations: (500 word limit)

  • Oral Presentation:  A 15-minute presentation, typically utilizing a PowerPoint format. Up to five oral presentations will be thematically grouped by the conference organizers into a paper session. A short question and answer session will be included after each presentation in the session.
  • Poster Presentation:  Posters will be displayed during a two-hour review session, with the authors available to discuss the poster content.  The poster session will be held in the evening on Thursday, October 15th.

      Note: If you have no preference for oral or poster session, please indicate.

  • Symposium: Symposia are oral presentations organized by participants to address a common theme.  A symposium should include three to five paper presentations (total time is 75 minutes).  Sessions should designate a moderator (who may also be a paper presenter) and may elect to include a discussant. To apply for a symposium, the person completing the online submission must include an overall description of the symposium theme and related papers (500 words), as well as the author[s], affiliation, and title for each individual paper in the session.   

Only complete abstracts will be considered.  The preferred format for abstract submissions is to include a brief overview of the background and significance of the study, methods (subjects, research design, analyses), results (brief summary including some specific findings), and conclusions (briefly state the implications of study findings; should not simply restate the study findings or note that ‘results will be discussed’).

Submission Process:

  • Please continue to the abstract submission page.
  • Complete all components of the submission (in-process submissions may not be saved for later completion) including contact information for all authors, preferred presentation type (oral, poster, symposium, or no preference), title, abstract content, and keywords associated with the presentation.
  • Upon submission, the supplied primary email address holder will receive an email confirmation of the submission.  Please retain for your records.

Review Process:

All abstracts will be reviewed by the AHSR 2015 Conference Planning Committee, which includes researchers from a variety of disciplines related to addiction health services research, including medicine, public health, social work, psychology, sociology, and health economics.  Abstracts will be aggregated by theme/keywords and reviewed for relevance to the AHSR conference theme and sub-themes, clarity of the presentation, quality of research and study findings, and implications for the field.

Acceptance will be based on the reviewer ratings and availability of space in each presentation modality.  As needed, author flexibility of presentation type may be considered.

All applicants will be notified of review decisions by June 1, 2015.  The primary email address holder will receive this information via email.
If you have questions regarding:

Please put “AHSR Abstract Questions” in the subject line of your email.

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