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UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs (ISAP)

International Projects

UNODC: Treatnet Capacity Building

(United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime)

Training Package Introduction

The Treatnet Training Package (TTP) is a central component to the effort by the UNODC Treatnet initiative to increase the level of knowledge on substance abuse around the world.  The TTP consists of a comprehensive set of addiction training materials that have been designed to be used by professional trainers to improve the treatment practices of health care professionals in substance abuse treatment settings.  The TTP has been developed by a consortium of clinical experts, researchers, and trainers from around the world.  An attempt has been made to incorporate the most current, accurate, and empirically supported information into a comprehensive training package on the treatment of substance abuse disorders.  The information for this training package was drawn from UNODC and World Health Organization (WHO) materials, as well as from research and training materials from over 15 countries. .

The Audience

The primary target audience for these training materials are service providers (physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, social workers, case workers, nurses, health educators, prison staff, etc.), as well as service managers, planners, and students throughout the world.  The materials have been designed for use by Treatnet trainers in the existing network of 20 Treatnet Resource Centres.  

The Content

The TTP consists of an introductory presentation describing the critical considerations for conducting effective training sessions.  The core of the clinical training material is contained in 3 volumes of PowerPoint presentations (Volumes A, B, C), along with the Leader's Guide, written training materials, and a bibliography of resource materials.  In addition, a 4th volume (Volume D) provides information and guidance on several important treatment operational and administrative procedures. 

Volumes A, B, and C each address a major domain of clinical addiction knowledge and skill development materials.  Each volume contains 3 modules on specific knowledge/skill topics.  A module contains PowerPoint material for a one-day training session, divided into 3 or 4 workshops. Each module is accompanied by a Leader’s Guide to help the Trainer effectively deliver the PowerPoint training sessions.  It is expected that the Trainers who conduct training sessions using the TTP materials will print out a hard copy of the Leader's Guide and have it available to them as they conduct training sessions.

In addition to the PowerPoint lectures and Leader's Guide, each module has a set of support documents that are designed to support the training effort.  These documents include: a brief knowledge assessment form to measure trainees’ topic knowledge before and after training sessions; a trainee satisfaction feedback form; screening and assessment forms; and a variety of clinical forms to guide clinicians in the use of specific clinical techniques. 

Volume D contains an administrative toolkit comprising four administrative or operational information/procedures to improve service delivery.  This toolkit material is designed to be used as resource material for administrators of addiction service delivery agencies.  Embedded within each of the Web-based topic sites are hotlinks that will allow the reader to access an extensive set of examples and more in-depth information from other Web sites.

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